About Us

We are YOUR ONE-STOP Supplier

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Product seeker is a garment manufacturer/sourcing company that focus on fashion products such as clothing, shoes and accessories.

We provide drop shipping and bulk production services that fit all sizes of business with a competitive price in setting up a new brand or developing your current one, our goat is to establish a win-win cooperation with our clients and grow the business together.   

This is usually the number one problem for clients when they come to us, the minimum order quanity is too high in our industry, this will no longer be a problem by working with us, we provide the lowest MOQ in the industry that you can test your new collection without having a huge in stock quanity in advance.

Our factory is equipped with latest machinery and technologies to meet the demand of latest fashion trends.

We provide a one-stop solution for your business, we can help you to make your design from scatch to final suceess! our services include with pattern making, tech pack, sample making, fabric sourcing, accessories sourcing, product shooting etc.

We provide full drop shipping service to make your e-commerce business easier and you can build your own brand at the same time, let us handle your complicated order fulfilling process!

Do you have these problems when searching a supplier for your business?