Drop Shipping

HOW Our drop shipping service BENIFITS YOU


Time Saving

No dealing with the hassle of storing, ordering and shipping.


No worrying about selling all of your stock

Money Saving

No more investing big money on starting an online business.

Lower Risks

No worrying on quality control, we inspect products for you.

Stable delivery speed

Faster delivery speed than many dropshipping platforms.

"From Your Countries"

Shipping history shows routes only from your countries.

Offer More Products

Test your new items without risks, only buy what you sell.


Custom services to meet your extra requirements.

Our drop shipping services

We offer various drop shipping service to meet all your needs for your e-commerce bussiness!


Custom packages

We help to dropship your products with your own custom packages such as boxes, bags etc.

Custom branding

Have your brand on the items not just the pakcages! Clothing, bottles, all that you need!

Fulfillment support

Tired of fulfilling orders one by one everyday? let us take care of it for you! you can have your items fulfilled only from us.

Shipping worldwide

We offer shipping to all countries with different delivery speed, it is all up to you.

Product dispatching

We dispatch your daily orders and send to your customers directly, no more seperate pacels for different products.

Quality control

Quality control on every items, making sure products are perfect before sending out lower the return rate.


If you want to lower cost on products and want to buy in bulk, we can provide warehouse and dropship them.

Thank you card and Gift

We can help to place "thank you" card, notes, or small gift in parcels for your customers who purchase products.




Contact us now and let us start helping you!